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Shift Coaching Group leverages 20 years of drug development and high-tech experience and decades of professional training to provide executive coaching and leadership training that shifts leaders to be their best. Why? Because being a successful leader in today’s corporate environment requires more than just being a technical expert and an individual contributor. It requires many of the same talents top athletes demonstrate — an ability to motivate and manage colleagues, maximize results with limited time and resources, and adapt to a constantly changing playing field.

For some, these skills are as natural as breathing; but for many of us, stepping into or advancing in a leadership position takes us outside our “comfort zone.” The good news is the art of leadership and becoming a “corporate athlete” can be learned. It requires tapping hidden strengths, developing new competencies, thinking differently, and some hard work. In short, it requires shifting gears.

What We Do

We work with organizations that want to boost the effectiveness of their top professionals and individuals who are ready to make meaningful changes in their professional development.

As former business executives, we appreciate that coaching is an investment that must demonstrate results and a return. Together, we will identify clear goals and outcomes, tools and strategies to reach them, track progress, and measure success. Our commitment is that the individuals and teams that we work with meet their specific goals, and that the process is both insightful and engaging.

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    Executive Coaching

    Shift Coaching Group provides one-to-one executive coaching to professional people at all levels within organizations. Together, we identify areas for growth and...

Who We Are

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    Christopher Merrill, PCC

    Executive Coach | Founder

    Christopher Merrill is an executive coach and facilitator with 20 years of experience in the research and drug discovery industry as both a scientist and business development executive. He leverages this unique combination of professional experience with decades of leadership training to provide coaching, training, and facilitation for seasoned executives, technical experts, high potential employees, and teams. Christopher serves as an executive coach in Harvard Business School’ s Executive Education program and is the founder of Shift Coaching Group LLC. He has coached hundreds of professionals at all levels of management in high-tech, drug development, healthcare, financial, and academic organizations, including start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Letizia-Amadini-Lane-424x490

    Letizia Amadini-Lane

    Executive Coach | Speaker

    Letizia’s coaching is a rare combination of business pragmatism with creative vision and global mindset. A business executive for more than 25 years, Letizia has extensive experience in corporate strategy, business development, strategic alliance creation, business transformation, and government relations. She has a track record of success in private and public sectors, including global pharmaceutical companies and international agencies in developed countries and emerging economies. In the second half of her career, her interest in the underlying drivers of business success led her to shift from profit center focus to organizational and leadership development, with personal development and training in Jungian psychology.
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    Sean Casey LeClaire

    Executive Coach | Speaker

    Sean Casey LeClaire is a speaker, facilitator and executive coach who has worked with a wide range of organizations in the life science, high tech, robotics, consumer goods, and construction industries. Sean has privately coached over 750 business leaders, scientists, artists and athletes, as well as thousands of people in group settings. He is noted for his humor, courage and provocative inquiry. With over 30 years of business experience, Sean Casey LeClaire is a seasoned corporate executive. His presentation style has been called “the perfect blend of a monk and a US Navy Seal.”

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  • Shea-Adelson-424x490

    Shea Adelson

    Executive Coach

    Shea brings evidence and wisdom-based insights to her executive clients, integrating her passion for research and analysis and her on-going training in mindfulness practices and somatic learning. Shea currently provides executive coaching and research analysis with a focus on professional technical skill sets and leadership in the healthcare, life sciences, natural resources and high-tech industries. In addition to executive level clients, Shea works with academic professors working towards tenure and entrepreneurs launching new businesses, focusing on the dual imperative of managing who we have to be to do what we want to do with a heart-centered, interdisciplinary and customized approach.

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What Clients Say

Broad Institute

“My organization retained his coaching services to support a skilled scientist into becoming a stronger, more confident leader. As a direct result of Chris’ coaching sessions, the manager has improved his ability to make decisions and his ability to effectively communicate with his colleagues.”

– Vandy Densmore, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Liberty Mutual Insurance

“My work with Chris gave me new found confidence that allowed me to take on new initiatives, turn challenges into opportunities and ultimately be a more effective leader. I like that Chris’s coaching style is personal and empathetic, that he constantly updates his coaching knowledge and tools and ‘walks the talk’ in his own life.”

– Carine Simon, Director of Predictive Analytics


“Our company hired Chris to work with a key member of our leadership team during a time of critical transition. His coaching was supportive, direct, and had a measurable impact – I received unsolicited feedback from numerous colleagues recognizing our participant to be significantly more engaged with colleagues, less reactive, and more productive.”
– Head of US Human Resources, SOTIO, LLC.


“Chris worked with several key individuals in our organization and it was amazing to see the team’s response to his coaching and the positive impact it had on both their professional development and productivity.”

– Dana Ball, CEO at Unitio



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